Working with Steve Reich

There are those confusing moments when you get to meet and interact with individuals who you are much more familiar reading from history books and such. It was a remarkably exciting opportunity for me and my students to work with Reich on his New York Counterpoint. My student ensemble has been working on the clarinet choir version of the piece for the past several weeks, and hearing various feedbacks directly from Reich certainly made the experience truly special. 

Rehearsing with Steve Reich

It was an honor to hear from Steve how much he enjoyed hearing our performance. He told me that he usually prefers the Live Solo Clarinet with Recording version. But he gave high compliments about my ensemble's good intonation, rhythmic accuracy, and balance and told us that it was one of the great playing of the NY Counterpoint that he has heard. What a proud moment for me as a teacher!

with Steve Reich (2015)

TTU Clarinet Ensemble performing Steve Reich's NY Counterpoint at TTU Center Stage Concert with the composer in presence