[Press Clipping] enhake returns to the 28th OK Mozart Festival

The article is from Bartlesville-Examiner published on May 31, 2012:

Enhake to entertain at OKM 

As the festival enters its 28th year, OK Mozart continues to maintain the tradition that has enabled its success while allowing new and innovative artists to flourish throughout the festival.

Making its fourth consecutive appearance at OKM, enhake is a young chamber ensemble embracing tradition while innovating in exciting ways. As in the past, enhake will present self-arranged pieces and works from the 20th century but will add a twist to this year’s performances with the addition of two Amici New York Orchestra musicians.

The group will perform at 4 p.m. June 14 and June 15 in the Bartlesville High School Fine Arts Center. Tickets are $8 for adults, $4 for students and free with an Afternoon Chamber ticket purchase.

Thursday’s performance, titled “Latin-American Journey,” includes works from several prominent Latin-American composers including “Hilos” by Gabriela Lena-Frank.

“Hilos, or Threads, is Gabriela’s take on Peruvian music in a classical setting and was inspired by her travels in the Andes Mountains,” said enhake violinist and spokesman Brent Williams. “Like so many in this melting pot we call America, Gabriela is ethnically diverse claiming Peruvian, Irish, Columbian and Jewish ancestry. This beautiful piece seems to reflect that diversity.”

The group engages in a self-proclaimed love affair with the Tango and will present three pieces from “the golden age of tango composition,” according to Williams.

“We’ll perform one sweet, traditional tango and two ‘old guard’ numbers, arranged by me specifically for OK Mozart,” said Williams.

Kathleen Nester, Amici New York principal flutist, and Amici violist Lois Martin join enhake for Friday’s concert, entitled “America, Now and Then.”

“We couldn’t be more excited and perhaps a touch nervous to be joined by such esteemed musicians for this concert,” said Williams. “We realize how insanely busy they are during the festival, and we’re honored that they consider us worthy of collaboration.”

Martin will add viola to “Celestial Hymns,” an introspective piece composed by two-time Grammy-award winner Jennifer Higdon in 2000 and described by “The Oregonian” newspaper as a “soft, smoothly flowing piece that really does sound like a spiritual descendent of [Claude] Debussy.”

A different mood of chamber music is revealed as Nester joins enhake for “Songs America Loves to Sing,” composed in 2004 by Pulitzer-prize winner John Harbison.

“This is a very cool piece featuring ten movements — all of which are familiar tunes including ‘St. Louis Blues’ and ‘Will the Circle Be Unbroken,’” Williams said. “These are songs with which everyone is familiar but are arranged in a ‘Where’s Waldo’ fashion — the melodies are hidden within strange harmonies and interesting textures. We’re thrilled to bring this piece to OK Mozart.”

While all of enhake’s members are under 35 years old, the ensemble carries a resume to be envied by many musicians significantly older. The group has performed in concert halls from New York City to Osaka, Japan, and from Costa Rica to Seoul, South Korea, while garnering press accolades and competition prizes along the way including gold medalist of the International Chamber Music Ensemble Competition at Carnegie Hall in 2008.

For more information on this chamber ensemble visit www.enhake.com or www.okmozart.com.

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