What's in Your Luggage?

I bought this carry-on case during my first year at graduate school. It has served me faithfully, and now I can pack up to two weeks worth of stuff in it. For this four-day trip, I had plenty of rooms for few extra things (see below),

When I first started this blog, I wanted to write some non-music related posts every now and then. So here is my first such post... 

I often end up reading every single issue of Delta Sky Magazine during some 60,000-plus miles I annually fly with the airline (I will have to write about my rapid ascent in Delta's Medallion Program and my obsession with the MQM someday). My favorite column is "Bag" where they reveal what various celebrities or successful entrepreneurs carry in their bag/suitcase. I happen to be on the road at the moment and decided to share what's in my bag:

My iPad has completely replaced my laptop since many years ago. The Belkin bluetooth keyboard/case makes it possible for me to do some heavy duty work on this iPad. I recently started carrying my Kindle again and am amazed how easy it is to read on it. I also started reading the addictive Murakami and brought a physical copy just in case. Finally, the leather tray helps me not to leave any valuables behind when I check in and out of different places. 

A scarf and UGG's wool sleepers keep me warm as the weather begins to cool down.

A concert attire and pair of black shoes are the must when traveling for concerts. 

I don't usually carry this much food with me. Granola mix and mixed nuts are easy easy to travel with. Apples supplement some much needed vitamins (I picked up several more from Atlanta's Delta Skyclub lounge). This time I also brought couple of Shin Noodle Bowl and a water boiler!

Things I forgot to bring: Starbucks VIA packs, a tumbler, a water bottle, and a pair of sneakers...

Next time, I will post a blog entitled "What's in Your Clarinet Case?"