Krehl Clarinet Quintet with the Larchmere String Quartet

I spent past couple days in Evansville, IN working with the Larchmere String Quartet. I got to know them through my friend and violinist Alicia who joined the quartet some time ago. We read through some music last year and planned several exciting projects together for coming years. This weekend, we began working on Quintet for Clarinet and Strings by the little-known composer named Stephan Krehl. I came across the work by chance and was immediately intrigued by it. Learning this sort of unknown piece (from late 19th century) can be both exciting and challenging. I feel very fortunate to meet a quartet that is willing to commit great deal of time and effort in learning this piece and give it a new life. Our work this weekend definitely shed some light and gave us a good prospect.  

Here is a preliminary list of dates and places where we will perform Krehl's Clarinet Quintet during 2014-15:

  • October 14 - Lincoln Memorial University, TN
  • October 15 - WPLN Nashville Noon Live Broadcast (with performance and interview)
  • October 16 - Tennessee Tech University
  • November 10 - Middle Tennessee State University
  • January 24 - University of Evansville, IN
  • June - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

It is exceptionally rewarding and invigorating to make music with a group of wonderful friends. Look how much fun we are having!